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Burning Questions For Your Attorney

Will My Estate Have To Pay Taxes?

When a person dies, there are three tax returns that may have to be filed. The decedent’s representative must file the decedent’s final income tax return (Form 1040) by April 15th of the year following...»

I'm Starting a New Business...What Do I Need To Do?

In order to start and maintain a successful business, you need to determine how to own your business. Some of the ownership types are sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company and corporation. The type of ownership determines your exposure to...»

How Do I Tell My Fiancée That I Want a Prenuptial Agreement?

Marital agreements are part of responsible life planning. Although it is a difficult topic to talk about, divorce is too prevalent to ignore. The purpose of a marital agreement is to set forth the ownership and control... »

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