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Jeanine Cunningham, Probate Law and Estate Planning in Chicago


Senior Citizens Planning for the Future Prenuptial Agreements for La Grange and Chicago, Illinois Probate Law and Estate Planning for Chicago and La Grange, Illinois Estate Planning for Families in Chicago and La Grange, Illinios

Responsible Living

You take care of your family and yourself. You pay your taxes, schedule regular medical checkups, and make choices for a stable, prosperous future. Maintaining your legal health is an essential part of the process.

Estate Planning

What will happen to my loved ones when I am deceased or disabled? Are my assets protected during my lifetime? What will happen to my child with special needs? I have young children...do I need to have guardians?

Probate (Death) and
Trust Administration

What will happen to my assets when I die? How long will it take my family to get their inheritance? Will a trust avoid probate?

Elder Law

What will happen to my parents when they no longer can take care of themselves? Seniors are faced with long-term care planning, end-of-life issues and nursing home planning.


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jeanine cunningham, probate and estate lawyer in chicago

About Jeanine

Jeanine M. Cunningham has practiced law in the areas of estate planning, probate, tax and elder law over 20 years. She assists clients in making sure that they are protected and provided for during their lifetimes and at their deaths by preparing custom tailored estate planning documents that include last wills, living trusts and durable powers of attorney for health care and property. She assists families with individuals who have special needs by structuring special needs Read More »

Burning Questions for Your Attorney

Will My Estate Have To Pay Taxes?

Will My Estate Have To Pay Taxes?
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I'm Starting A New Business..What Do I Need To Do?

Legal Support for Small Businesses
In order to start and maintain a successful business, you need to determine how to own your business...more »

How Do I Tell My Fiancée That I Want a Prenuptial Agreement?

Prenuptial Agreements in Chicago and La Grange, IL
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Is Your Legal Health In Order?

Life's big moments require responsible planning. From starting a family to starting a business, preparing for marriage or preparing for the end of life, maintaining your legal health is essential to establishing stability and prosperity. It's ensuring your documentation is in order while you're well. It's responsible living, and you owe it to yourself and to your family.

Just as a doctor's approach in administering to a patient's health is based on the individual, so too is our philosophy for managing you and your family's legal needs. We provide legal guidance tailored to your unique circumstances. Personal legal matters require personal care. »

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